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• 3/21/2018

Where's an article about the Perplexor?

We need to make an article about the perplexor, I think it's a group of lessons in the level H of reading with Zoo HQ. I have this picture from one of frames when they got spooked by an email from the perplexor.
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• 4/24/2018
Hello! I am sure that everyone is working their hardest to get as many pages as possible done. If you would like to see this page be made, and have sufficient knowledge of the subject, you're more than welcome to create the page yourself. I hope this helps. ~Poke
• 6/8/2018
Actually, there are level H lessons with 15 Seconds and lower leveled lesson with Bake Stars.I should know bc I just did a 15 Seconds perplexor lesson in class today.
• 10/8/2018

well if you'd like me to be honest i have yet to reach those lessons of 8th grade but i have 5th grade level of identifying theme and there are poems that the perplexor sends the bake stars because they are in dispute about a girl named sophie being able to help the bake stars out with the bake sell and well lets just say he sends poems about sticking together and working together

• 12/29/2018

It mentions in one of the lessons that the perplexor is a mathematician, and based on the voice files i believe that the perplexor is none other than...


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