Name: James

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Favorite Car: Car-J

Letter: J

Size: 75%

Region: James and Patti House

Job: Captain of Houseland, Investigator

Enemies: Semaj (evil classmate)

Likes: Parties on Saturday, Playing Music for his Friends, Donuts and Little Bites for Breakfast on Weekends, Inventing things, Solving Cases, Summertime Games, Technologentray School

Dislikes: People not liking his Music, Looking Ugly, People forcing him to do Stuff, Semaj ruining his day

First Appearance: It's a James and Patti Christmas

Latest Appearance: Latest Episode

Physical Appearance

James is a young half slim and half chubby boy. He has spiky brown hair with spiky hair on the side of his forehead. He has six freckles and three on each cheek. And pink lips. He wears a white sleeveless shirt with a skull on it. He wears purple shorts with a yellow, purple, and white belt wrapped around. There are some designs on the shorts and blue bottoms and indigo lines. James also wears purple boots with yellow soles and white laces. He wears white outer headphones, purple inner, and yellow center with a cord. And white shades and purple lenses. And a purple and yellow and white backpack with same color strips. And yellow, purple, and white bracelets on each arm and leg.