Down below are a list of users that have vandalized or broke another rule on this site. Down below is a list of reason for them to be banned. This list also includes users that have already been banned.

  1. Ayo420: Constant vandilization of multiple pages. (BANNED)
  2. Myyoben: for their addition of a Barney picture to Bella, as well as a few other nasty edits.(BANNED)
  3. Peeeeneee: Crude launage on pages.(BANNED)
  4. Lolailnicki: Vandilization of many pages (Chedder, Beau, ECT)(BANNED)
  5. HAHATROLLED: His name is enough to ban him, but he was caught vandalizing Jake's page. (BANNED)
  6. Okurrrcami: Vandalized Pepper Jackie and Sweet T.(BANNED)
  7. Yourboi: Vandilized Bella and Dr. Cheeks(BANNED)
  8. Bossay8: Vandalized Azul, Bella, Sweet T., ECT(BANNED)